Deathkillers Bot

An awesome bot that does many things!

Bot Features


Has a lot of command for use. Moderation to utility commands


Built in music player using the Youtube API.

All Commands

v!bughunter - Shows the Bug Hunter Badge Info
v!earlysupporter - Show the early supporter badge info
v!hypesquadevents - Shows badge info for the hype squad events badge
v!partner - Shows the badge info for partner
v!staff - Show the staff badge Info
v!verifiedbotdeveloper - Shows info on the Verifited Bot Developer Badge.

v!botstaff - Show the Deathkillers Bot Staff Team.
v!botstats - Shows the bot stats.
v!botsuggest - Make a suggestion for the bot.
v!guilds - Show how many servers the bot is in.
v!invite - Get the bots invite link
v!version - Shows the bot current version.

v!advice - Gets a random piece of Advice.
v!confess - Confess something privatly.
v!giveaway - Creates a giveaway.
!viq - Gets a random IQ.
v!joke - Get a joke.
v!love - Tells a user the love he have to another person.
v!meme - Gets a random meme.
v!motivate - Get some Motivation.

v!avatar - Gets a users Avatar.
v!botinfo - Show the bots infomation.
v!changelog - Shows the change log.
v!help - Shows all commands.
v!ping - Shows the ping.
v!roleinfo - Shows info about a role.
v!serverinfo - Show the server info.
v!status - Gives you a link to the staus page.
v!userinfo - Give you info on a user.
v!website - Give you the developers website.

v!ban - Bans a user.
v!kick - Kicks a user.
v!lock - Locks a channel.
v!mute - Mutes a user.
v!nuke - Nukes a channel.
v!purge - Clears a set number of messages.
v!report - Report a member Privately
v!say - Say something as the bot
v!slowmode - Turn on slowmode to a set time.
v!unban - Unbans a member from the server.
v!unlock - Unlocks a discord channel.
v!unmute - Unmutes a user.
v!warn - Warns a member.

v!bugreport - Reports a bug.
v!afk - Sets you AFK.
v!morse - Translates a message to Morse code.
v!poll - Make a poll with a yes or no option.
v!suggest - Make a local suggestion.
v!ticket - Make a ticket.
v!timer - Set a timer.
v!weather - Get the weather info in a location.